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flying into the united states. that announcement comes amid reports that the u.s. and brin have both shut down their embassies in yemen because of a newly revealed al qaeda threat. brian mooar with that story tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: beginning at midnight, passengers threeing into the united states from other -- flying into the united states from other country also face tougher random screenings incling fum body scans. travelers from seven high-risk countries including nigeria and yemen, will get full-body pat downs and hands on luggage inspection, the latest fallout from the christmas day bombing a tempt on northwest flight 253, a plot allegedly hatched by al qaeda. >> part of something larger from al qaeda. >> on the sunday talk shows, white house counterterrorism adviser, john brennan add knitted the nation's intelligence agency had but failed to connect the series of dots and insists that the system isn't broken. >> there was no smoking gun or piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist. >> we might have had a partial name or an indication of a nigeria but n
an aircraft. and there were 3,500 flights airborne over the united states at the time. and who can guarantee that there wasn't another event about to happen on one of those flights as well? >> reporter: the u.s. is trying to convince european nations to use more full-body scanners to pick up suspected bombers. britain's prime minister, gordon brown, has called for an international summit on terror in late january to talk about preventing future terrorist attacks. and the senate intelligence committee will be conducting its own investigation to find out why there was so much miscommunication among antiterror agencies. those hearings begin january 21st. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> conservative radio host rush limbaugh was released from a hawaii hospital today. he was ten there wednesday after having chest pains while on vacation in haonolulhonolulu. today, limbaugh said tests showed nothing wrong with his heart. >>> still ahead on "news4 at 6" this evening, making it out of a fire alive. we'll tell you what one family did right. >>> find out why a deadly bombing at a cia camp m
met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate the boliviancountries. today we are seeking the same solidarity. >> reporter: raymond joseph says it's been non-stop meeting with the state department and ting to speak with haiti's president whose palatial home was levelled. >> in the palace, it has been hit that hard. just the flimsy, flimsy abode hanging on the heels around port-au-prince must be just like cardboard. >> reporter: the numbers of dead and injured are staggering given the level of catastrophe. it's not surprising to those who know the country well. >> port-au-prince was built for a population of 50,000. and today, in and around port-au-prince we have 2 million people. and a lot of them are living in flimsy abodes. >> members of the local haitian community are preparing for a candlelight vigil here at 7:30. they are coordinating with other members in the respective cities of chica
troops will remain in the country. >>> vice president joe biden says the united states will appeal a court decision dismissing manslaughter charges against five guards from black the water. those guards were involved in a deadly shooting in baghdad that killed 14 iraqi civilians in a traffic stop back in 2007. vice president biden made the announcement today with the iraqi president in baghdad. biden is in iraq holding meetings with leaders ahead of the elections scheduled for this spring. >>> when our broadcast continues tonight, no laughing matter as actor and comedian andy dick is arrested following a performance at a west virginia comedy club. >>> also, they are calling it a snow-p snow-pocolipse icalifornia. and a fire fighter who saved a dog. >>> a bevy of college hoops. virginia puts its eight-game winning streak on the line. >>> new troubles for comedian andy dick. he's been arrested on felony sex abuse charges in west virginia. dick was arrested at a comedy club in huntington. according to the criminal complaint he groped, then repeatedly kissed a bouncer. he was talking t
in the plane bombing. the united states plans to more than double its counterterrorism aid to the poor country. >> no one travels to yemen. it appears he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and that this group al qaeda in the arabia peninsula trained him, equipped him with explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> a top u.s. counterterrorism official warned today that al qaeda and others will continue to test u.s. dissents. a virginia teenager led police on a high-speed chase that ended in a deadly shootout. it started yesterday when officers tried to pull over ñr 18-year-old colby everett for taking a man's truck without his permission. police say he ranñr away then stole a deputy's car. virginia state police went after him. police say he taunted authorities through the police radio. >> y'all going to have to try to [ bleep ] kill me. you stalk my prey. >> the teenager crashed the police car, got out and started firing at officers and deputies. police fired back and killed him. all the officers involved in that shooting are on paid leave tonight. investigators are
, amateur attempts at treatment after the quake hit. and the united states marine corp has arrived in haiti, too. the military released the video showing the marines helping to unload supplies for the haitian people. tonight, some local folks are giving an emotial welcome home to a miracle survivor of that quake. father jack of the shrine of sacred heart was in haiti when the earth struck. darcy is live with that story. hey, darcy. >> reporter: it was extremely emotional when the father walked into the church this afternoon. people were crying. they hugged him. they welcomed him home. >> it's so good to see you back. >> reporter: the father, chaplain to the local haitian community is back from hey pi, he was there when the earthquake struck and initially feared dead until he was reached days later. the emotion, uncontrolled as he arrived for the sunday haitian mass at sacred heart catholic church. >> i'm very, very late. please, give me a chance. >> okay. >> reporter: the reverend said a prayer, put on his garments in preparation for the service. when he walked into the sanctuary, parishion
suspected terrorists who are already in the united states. steve handelsman, news4. >> other security ideas being proposed include more intensive interrogations and lifting restrictions on profiling passengers. >>> there was a rocket strike today at the future home of a u.s. consulate in afghanistan. the site of the former hotel near the iranian border. the building has been leased by the u.s. government to serve as the consulate, but it is not yet occupied. three rockets were fired in the vicinity today. just one of them hit the building. some windows were shattered, but nobody was injured. it's part of a plan to increase the u.s. diplomatic presence outside of kabul. >>> the mother of vice president joe biden has died. the vice president released a statement this afternoon that says that his mother passed away peacefully at their home in delaware. she was surrounded by her family and many other loved ones. the vice president left washington yesterday to be at her side. today he said his mother taught her children that family is to be treasured, loyalty is paramount and that faith would gu
of mexico. off the united states. there's the continent of the united states but with that jet pattern we have diving to the south, it takes the cold all the way into the gulf of mexico and around the country, boy, it's just been day after day ofhis a great lakes. they've had more snow than they know what to do with. this is around fulton, new york, where it continues to snow around the great lakes. then in other areas of the country it's been a combination of snow and ice. matter of fact, there's been ice damming in some of the rivers around illinois. the skiers love it. and with this pattern, there's going to be more snow. there are winder storm advisories out again for parts of the central part of the country. around us right now on doppler, nothing going on. there were those snow flurries this morning. there are continuing to be one or two maybe up across northern maryland. but here's where the industrial strength stuff is, up to 12 to 13 inches again in the mountains of west virginia, across western new york state. you see syracuse getting more snow. there's the lake-effect snows wit
the united states. go to and find places to make donations. >> you have a lot of experience with amputees. who have been victims. >> we have. we started our walking free program in turkey many years ago. we have moved into the philippines, the dominican republic, jordan, guatemala. a lot of people really know how to do this. >> the experience is really coming in handy. thank you so much, ron sconyers with physicians for peace. you can help this group by going to >> thank you. >>> we invite you to stay with news4 at for continuing coverage of the relief efforts in haiti. >>> there are new details tonight about man accused of shooting eight people in appomattox, virginia, this week. a lawyer for christopher speight says his client had a long history of mental problems. he had also reportedly complained to a friend that his sister might kick him out of his house. however, authorities for nare n offering a definitive motive. the sister never intended to kick speight out. she was among the dead along with three other adults,
for the u.s. census bureau. it's time for the once in a decade count of every person living in the united states. >> i think the biggest miscon sempgs is that it's boring and long. and it turns out, this is the shortest census in history. >> ten questions, ten minutes. if you don't respond, they have to go looking for you. the census is launching a national road trip to convince people why it's so important. the constitutionally required count decides representation in the u.s. house and a lot more. >> money goes out to cities and states based on the population. >> but there are challenges like never before. like how to find people who lost their homes to foreclosure, those displaced from hurricane katrina. illegal aliens have to be counted but even privacy laws won't make that easy. >> why do i need to fill it out and who reads this information? >> the census, an american snapshot ten years in the making. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> people who do not return the forms can expect a visit from a census worker in may. >> there was a buying spree on wall street. the stock market so
this afternoon, president obama announced that new steps are being taken to prevent terror attacks on the united states. the president made that announcement while discussing a failed terror plot during which a man tried to blow up a plane on christmas day. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest on all of this. steve? >> anks. president obama is shuffling the way his intelligence community deals with what they're calling high-profile cases. but as today's report reveals, the u.s. intelligence on christmas day didn't see the threat from abdulmutallab as high profile. president obama summed up today's report on the christmas attack. a report aides called shocking. >> we can't sit on information that could protect the american people. >> reporter: but agencies did sit on iormation before abdulmutallab struck. the report finds the nsa intercepted talk of an attack by the nigerian. the cia was warned. and the state department warned about a nigerian by name, abdulmutallab. but the national counterterrorism center and other agencies failed to put abdulmutallab on a no-fly list. >> we must
the united states into the fight. yemen is seeking indirect support, such as intelligence, financial aid, and equipment. especially helicopters. also today, security officials in yemen annoued the arrest of three lower-ranking al qaeda members. allegedly, they were involved in a plot to attack western embassies. the u.s. embassy reopened yesterday after that plot was disrupted. >>> it appears that at least two of the seven cia workers killed in afghanistan last week were private contractors. they worked for the security company formerly known as blackwater. an obituary says that one was a former navy s.e.a.l. the other man was a contractor for that company. >>> new information about a third person whose's alleged to have been an uninvited guest at the state dinner at the white house. carlos allen claims he is not a party crasher like the salahis. he said he had an actual invitation. he was cleared by secret service at a hotel near the white house and rode to the event with the delegation from india. >> during those conversations, he had an invitation, they had vitations and they were bei
to the united states from haiti and most of his relatives are still there. the colts' receiver says he's having a hard time focusing on football right now. >> it's probably the worst thing that could ever happen. it's worse than a nightmare. it's already a poor country. you know, this just makes it worse. it doesn't make anything easier now. >> it's tough, but, you know, like you can't really -- you can't do much. so i just have to, you know, try to do my best here and try to play through it and play for them. i know they're proud, you know, that i'm trying to do that and trying to represent them and give them a little hope, you know. >> this is a case where i would say all week he's thinking about it, but once he gets in the game, that probably would be his escape, you know? >> one would hope so. you know, it's a shame that they're not going to be able to see him because there won't be power for much of the country. >> second year in the league, too. he's been doing really well. he's already planned a missionary trip to haiti for april. >>> college hoops now. georgetown hosting seton hall toni
. the group says the united states seems to be moving backward in its efrt to protect the country while the threat is getting worse. tracie potts reports. >> reporter: a federal panel says swine flu vaccine delays were a big hint that the u.s. is not ready for a bioterror attack. >> with h1n1, we knew it was coming. we had about a six-month notice. if this is a terrorist attack or most of the forms of natural attacks, we aren't going to have any six months notice. >> reporter: the commission on weapons of mass destruction believe the biological weapon will likely hit the u.s. in the next four years and give the government on "f" on being ready. 9/11 commissioners tell congress instead of blowing up buildings, al qaeda's organizer simpler plans like the christmas airline attack. >> if they can't organize an effort to fly airplanes into the world trade tower, they can get one person to get on an airplane and try to blow it apart. so our guard has to stay up. >> reporter: the white house says president obama will outline a faster, better response in tomorrow's state of the union. and the a
that the lord is pro-life. >> reporter: in front of the united states supreme court building, a group of pro-choice protesters held their annual rally to celebrate the anniversary of roe v. wade, which legalized abortion. >> we know that, you know, many people are intimidated by the large groups that the other side brings out, but we believe it's important to stand up and stand for the truth. >> it's not my position to tell a woman what to do with her body. she has sovereignty over her dy. she needs to have that sovereignty. >> reporter: a rally, the march, and the protests were all peaceful. mostly non-political, but for everyone on both sides it was personal. >> i had my son when i was 18 and i almost didn't choose life. so, i mean, i used to be pro-choice and i'm very pro-life now. women do regret abortion. >> reporter: elaine reyes, news4. >> the march started at the mall and ended at the supreme court building. the streets in the area have been reopened now. >>> in britain, they have raised the nation's terror threat level to severe. that is the second highest level on their warning cha
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15